Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dual Thoughts - Mourning You

I passed your street this morning - It’s ghostly
I am empty inside - I love you mostly
Life has its changes - This course too heart wrenching
I am drowning in deep sorrow - Without retention
What can I say - This brings life to deep questions
Flashes of memories passed - Is a new smile a suggestion?
I am broken - I am lost  - Better get yourself together
How long will this take - No one predicts the weather
Frozen in time - I grieve in private
Stuck in fine line - Disturbed by my silence
To turn tears to words - I’ve been your part since birth
Now you’re gone - The part of you left on this Earth
Everything has changed - Something I must accept
I’ve walked from hurt so much - This I cannot reject
I see so much around - The sky is blue
Winds blow - sun shines - All I see is you
It’s perfect outside - There’s just one thing
The wind is blowing so hard - I can’t hear the birds sing
Mournful nostalgia - Still lingers of your death
I walk - I breathe - This right now is my best
I know in my heart - You’re in a better place
Yet cannot live a new chapter - I still see your face
I drove by your place thinking - Today I get to see you
But those todays have ran out - This today does not feel good
As recollective music streams - Lyrics try hard to explain
The sadness & loss of something - This passing is too much pain
Slowly walking through life - This all weighs so much
I miss you abuelita - I miss your endearing touch
How much can I handle?  - I’ll take things I can grasp
I’ll take good care of your dog - I’ll hold close your laugh
I’ll preserve your strength - I miss your sweet smile
I’m forever thankful - I’m blessed to be your grandchild
Honored & humbled - I won’t forget what you’ve taught
Laugh, be kind and strong - This cannot be bought
Sacrifice - Not a word anymore, but a superhero
Worn in breastplate of pride - Engraved, Grandma Superior

Racquel Cruz, Author 
Someone Stole My Funny
 Sticky Things 


Saturday, November 21, 2015


As I sit and think of emotions gone strong
Of all the things that you have wronged
I scurry through social media of influence
In my mind to make this all MY OWN sense
Of what I would say if you were in our land
Full of spacious skies - beauty she stands
Then I think to myself, this is the very reason
We follow love and embrace change of seasons
See, WE HAVE THE FREEDOM to challenge our minds
Our friends will still love us and be kind
For their influence truly comes from above
Of what OUR God symbolizes called --- love
And love is no doubt much stronger than hate
We value life and family --- We are great!!
Our God does not tell us to kill those who doubt
Though in FREEDOM, we're all still sorting this out
We live together and stay clear of YOUR actions
To execute those who don't commit to your satisfaction
Yes, in our years there have been quite a few
Who twist thoughts of OUR God and what he would do
But if you really think about it we'd all be gone
In just being human - We are all wrong
Full of sin, (obviously) hate and imperfection
He could rid THIS cause of Earth's infection
And this is the difference you must face
See, OUR God is forgiveness and grace
He sent his son to follow his lead
Mourn and give to those in need
Offer life and love to saints and sinners
Welcome them in your home to sit at dinner
This is only a small part of what he has taught
This is the real truth that must be sought
And ---- Don't get us wrong, we do believe in what's right
Don't think for one second we sleep with eyes closed at night
And no matter our powers who sit and ponder in politics
If they try to take our guns - We will fight with sticks
To protect our family and freedom - We'd sigh our last breath
Challenge the master of blades and death
Bleed for the freedom of hope and fellow man
With our chest of amour we will stand
We will teach our children do not cry to a death
Even if they see blades move upon our necks
For death is a clear sheet and crossing of life
We will still be present when they pray at night
At the right side of God we'll watch America The Great
Where she offers you love or the wrath of her fate

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

Monday, September 28, 2015

Lost Secrets

You whisper in isolation to running waters
Yet to my heart you have not bothered
Lost secrets they drift from yesterday
They travel through the sun and rain
Strangely to the place of my peace
Absent to everything that I keep
Carelessly from the coffee cup I do sip
A touch of those secrets flow through my lips
Guided by Earth of currents they do run
As you abundantly have about your way and fun
And I sit and ponder this once senseless time
Of air I tried to grab and nothing I tried to find
With the moon as my friend I trance in it's light
How can I  accompany sorrow tonight?
In what invitation have I sent to be seen?
In what place has it ever lifted my dreams?
In what place has it offered me strength?
Will for me it go through lengths?
As I take a half sip, my face filled with spite
I will drink to all of your lost secrets tonight
They madly heal my scars and pains inconceivable
Foolishness, ignorance - some things unbelievable
And my stories I will keep safely as my own
So they do not turn cold and as you, like stone
I will sort my pain to peace for my own muse
Or resurface for a night in arrogance or excuse 

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pure Liquids In Life (My Child Inside)

Suddenly I am nearer
In seeing my childhood clearer
God has blessed this moment and time
To seek what I was to find
My child inside with big dreams
Pushed back by two fierce streams
Surrounding me on either side
I didn't have a place to hide
Constantly swimming to my goals
I now see strength in me unfold
Yet sadness still lingers from my eyes
Of all the lost years that have gone by
Will I still have time for a glimpse of sun
While there is still one stream to overcome?
Its dark currents still passes me by
No longer for its pain do I cry
To purify its waters at the least
It is dark and angry - It is a beast
Reminding me of what it has gone through
Pain,suffering, sadness and abuse
My face stuck in constant perplex
Is water really made to infect?
For my vision of it is pure
To wash away pain one has endured
Stuck in depths that are colder in night
Opposite direction of current I fight
I look up and ask for some direction
I was victim of sins most potent injections
A small, sweet and vulnerable child
Hiding pain behind my smiles
I didn't know much anything else
Constantly seeking out for help
Young years swept away in the torrent
In constant fear that I have spent
Threats of why I need to change
Twisted purity used in God's name
Judgement, fear and lack of compassion
This angry water will not stop its actions
So I look for something to pull me out
To seek myself in which I always doubt
Love the inner child - Cry for its pain
Seek pure waters from falling rain
Push, strive and try to become better
Without the fear of stormy weather
Heal inside - Learn to embrace
Pure liquids of life in which to taste

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

Friday, January 17, 2014

Only A Mother...

 There is one person who understands
Who has held tiny bodies in their hands
Nurturing the smallest of their aches
Dying inside of the smallest heartbreak
In this world where people fight for their hearts
For they strive to understand their part
And what each passing day means to them
Blind, we exalt strongest women and men
And others are still a seed to the womb
In purpose they try to still resume
Lost, the world judges from a distance
Frowning upon their existence
Broken, they scrabble in places to run
While age breaks them under the sun
Until they cannot run no more
They realize open always is a door
To their mothers they can find peace
Years of heartache they can release
For our maker created the strongest of roles
Sheltering their children young and old
See, a mother studies their babies indeed
They heal and cover wounds that bleed
A child could never fool their mother
Words they may speak - Tone and body another
For their movements and eyes do not change
Neither their voices - A mother hears pain
They've heard their cries enough to know
When they hurt, even when they're grown
This is why love is unconditional
Even when a child does the unthinkable
This is all, but a small portion God has shown
Of his love and what it feels to be at home
This is why he asks we do not look down
Upon others who to themselves are bound
For we do not know their stories
Pains, cries, triumphs and glories
Only a mother put upon this Earth
Experience souls inside them, til birth
Someone children can always turn to
Teach them what goodness and love can do
To understand those who've never experienced
True love of a mother in their innocence
And pray for them each and everyday
To seek only love if they've lost their way

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I think about my time that's gone by
My heart fills with nostalgia and sadness
For your time sacrificed for us
Was used to fill our hearts with gladness
Now you lay here small, frail and unspoken
As oldness is the stage that consumes you
I look to your innocent face and smile
And ask myself what would you do?
Without a doubt or a single fight
You would be all you have left
Love, hope, joke and sing
Give until your last breath
But me, I'm broken and unsure
I jump off the wheel of the rat race
Thoughts of using this time for me
Don't matter when I see your face
So I keep reaching more to see you
To look at your loving eyes
Nothing means more to me
I really can't explain why
The thought of losing time
Is as small as a grain of sand
In this world that takes around me
I am content holding your hand
It's my only way to thank you
My only way to make you see
I cannot make any promises
Only show what you mean to me
For mistakes with you haunt me
Though intentions inside were good
The things I could relief you from
If I worked hard for them, I could
But time is a master of thievery
Deception and disguise
Changing intentions to mud
A stick to poke me deep inside
Thoughts I cannot piece together
Are me in human form, complex
Emotions, dreams, mistakes in life
So much to you I want to express
Then something inside reminds me
I have a grandmother who is the coolest
Strong-willed and determined
A person who lives life to her fullest
She would tell me to stop reflecting
My actions will carry me on
Stop asking what, where and why
She would tell me to just be strong
So I'm listening to this heart of mine
Given to me by grandmother
A person who I admire the most
More than any other


Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

Monday, December 17, 2012

In Honor of Sandy Hook Elementary (12/14/2012)

My heart pains this holiday season
Of tragedy that should not have taken place
A distance away from where I am at
Families I wish I could embrace
I hear music and see lights twinkle
The winds are brisk and cold
Confirming holiday's invitation
Of love, gifts and joys be told
It is in this very atmosphere
That orchestrates memories
Photos of many loved ones
Gathered under Christmas trees
And in my mind I cannot erase
What some people cannot perceive
Empty spots where gifts were to lay
Under some of those same trees
The excited voice of a child
Expressing sounds throughout a house
Opening gifts wrapped in pretty bows
Consumed with overwhelming shouts
As I try to celebrate this time
And continue this season on
It is hard to defeat this feeling
When I hear these holiday songs
All I can do is write and honor
Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary
The world emits brighter light this year
In hopes that you all will see
We will sing songs of joy louder
To reach you in high heavens above
We promise to embrace your families here
With all our strength and love
We will come together and always remember
When stars shine in their space
They radiate souls and smiles
Made by your beautiful face

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

Friday, November 30, 2012

Dance Naked In the Rain

This morning I woke up
Darkness has filled my mind
I am covered in dirty clothes
I've been wearing for a long time
I've heard I was once pure and clean
I cannot imagine that was so
These layers of hardship cover me
I try hard to let them go
I've been to the alter in my past
That has never changed a thing
The closest I have come to glory
Is watching the church choir sing
I wonder inside of my purpose
As I talk to God everyday
I thought it was a big reason
When I once was a child in play
Materials made half of pure guilt
The other in half of naive
The colors made of red and green
From skin underneath that bleeds
I work positive to my left
I seek chance to my right
Yesterday I told myself
I cannot give up this fight
But today more dark clouds cover me
As I wake myself with a smile
The road I seek in front of me
Is far ahead in many miles
There is nothing further I can do
I work hard not to break my spirit
Then music knocks hard on my windows
Can anyone else hear it?
They are drops falling to the ground
Playing rhythms in the sun
Inviting me to join them
To the beat of their drums
Clothes weigh heavier upon me
As dots of liquid fall in it's place
I walk closer to this invitation
With happiness upon on my face
For I feel something different
A very positive sensation
I experience not only with myself
I am to shout it to all the nations
The answers are in pure waters
Close your eyes - Take a deep breath
Seek yourself in it's revelation
It is all that you have left
There is nothing else you can be
Clothes cover years of shame
Naked we were all born
Leave the cleansing to the rain
Our souls have been delegated
There are no words you can say
Take off things that burden you
Live free in purity today
Let the waters clean infections
That have broken your skin in years
Find courage to keep dancing them off
Though they will hurt in pain and tears
For after the rain has stopped
Your composition will fall to Earth
Feeding flowers that bloom in beauty
Celebrating your day of birth
And more roads will reveal itself
You'll find joy in life again
If you give it another day
You'll dance to the very end

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mother Earth

I had a vision
Mother Earth was crying
For the streams that ran from her

She sat in stillness
There's no denying
Scared of isolation and somber

Somewhere inside
She felt she would dry
If these waters did not slow down

They ran so rapid
Never saying goodbye
And would often make her frown

Then one day awoke
The sun still shining
To ease her being in reason

What once clung to her
Each stream pining
Of past, now has it's season

These bodies of water
Move from her with haste
Once held of prime memories

They flow with desire
They flow with grace
Of false love and apologies

As new life is constant
Rushing to her hands
She no longer wishes to ask why

At night she reads
The stars she understands
In words falling from the sky

Tho deep inside
Wanting what once was
Something to her so familiar

She looks around
She finds her cause
In other parts that are peculiar

Fresh waters await
Surrounded by trees
Forming her places she's never been

Birds chant in song
Of more wondrous dreams
As this Earth breaths in her new winds

Her tears no longer
Fall of sadness
As parts of her separate

She marvels in joy
Lets go in gladness
As parts of her must break

For now she knows
All she holds in stories
As souls roam upon her land

Speaking of her beauty
Triumphs and glories
And why heights of her are so grand

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

Friday, October 5, 2012

To Know You In Me

Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

 Tears fill halfway in my eyes
As if my soul has abandoned ship
It has not drowned out
Nor has one dropped dripped
It has settled in it's place
Silence it has found
Something deep inside of me
Something that is profound
It is all I have wished for
To fulfill dreams of my heart
I have looked to your eyes
From the very start
As I stand here in awe
I stand here in bliss
I have loved you all along
It is you I've missed
You have sacrificed every penny
To achieve my heart's desires
When things become scrambled
You put out every fire
You push me every morning
To do my very best
You have helped me to be strong
You have been through every test
And what more do I ask for
It cannot be anyone else
You are my only title
Of many books on a shelf
Many times I've wandered
In places not so kind
To know you in me
Is only what I find
It is not in conceit
Nor is it in glory
I am lucky to have you
Lucky to have my story
If only I can take these words
Beyond this very moment
Follow it - Be it - Love it
Show the world I own it
For it is at this very time
Everything feels right
Until I turn from this mirror
And shut off the lights

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~