Monday, December 4, 2017

Moore Salvation

Who's knocking on your door?  Jesus?
What's knocking on your door? Grevious?
How deep do we have to dig your heart
To pull the victims souls from the dark
Doesn't confession at this political point
Expose sins this man never did annoint?
In prideful filth he tauntingly walks
As Jesus and arrogance he talks
Are unconfessed sins part an illusion
To be example of spirtual confusion?
He moves quickly about in foolishness
His Earthly damange smells of piss
Do you deceive your thoughts in muse
These victims in Democratic excuse
So hard to kill this growing cancer
This man wears sins without answers
Supported by tyranny of unwavering believers
As I in sin smell the stench of this deceiver
Chips tossed of trickery now seem so grand
Cards of religion played with devil's hands
Blasphemy, he masters words of gibberish
Feeding the offering plate of oblivious
Chosen to entertain this great nation
The need to cleanse of Moore salvation

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Lights That Shine Hope: GoFundMe

Light a way 
Lights of glory 
Lights of love  
Lights of stories 
Let us sing 
Let us praise 
Let loves shine 
Shine dark days 
Think of safety 
Think of children 
Think of sick 
The old in buildings 
Give in small 
Give in plenty 
Give together 
Give in many 
Struggle afar 
Struggle together 
Struggle good days 
Struggle bad weather 
Share with hope
Share with love 
Share a way
For God above

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Gun Podium

Mr. Man I can do everything by myself
While miniature America sits on Putin's palace shelf
Horse Pence wears blinkers designed of fraud
A gun podium of golden bullets made for his Trump god
Turning living words of water into petroleum
Money Plates-Hymns of perversion, as you are -- come
In VVS Trump incites America's moral clarity
P*ssy grabber, fraud in chief in years of seventy
Baffled how (false) Christian leaders can for him fall
Did they not read the words of the Bible at all?
Let me recite, as a sinner, some words
Made to be the seed of humanity on this Earth
Love is kind - Love is patient - Love is pure
Love shows sacrifice sometimes made to endure
Love is not quick to anger - Love is patient
Love is not only for the white OR is racist
It is more blessed to give than to receive
But, none of these words count if you're DT
And his church is called Par of Maralargo
A hole in One? - Hey! Where'd his sins go? 
A blind man in a room, encaved by mountains can see
Trump's the fraud and #dotard of Reality Presidency
He's come to destroy our country, America the Great
Digging deep inside us all to find our hate
Simply to dodge the day of Russia's strife
In secret he knows he's fighting for his life  
Empty promises he thanks those covering for him
In dinners they ingest piggy banks full of sins
They in turn they are held in hostage and threat
Left to clean the vomit and sh*t Trump has left
Uttered in their voices and vulnerable posture
Then in turn morphed to their most feared monster
As the Mercer money trail in our eyes unfold
Reveal the deal of debt he bet America for gold
In disguise and distraction screams "Christianity"
Backed by a man insane since Hillary, named Hannity
And the "changed" man still charms cobwebs of sin
Shimmer and shine all the hate he feels within
Heavy hearts and chaos, political commotion
Halelujah, praise & lies from Trump Gun Podium 

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dual Thoughts - Mourning You

I passed your street this morning - It’s ghostly
I am empty inside - I love you mostly
Life has its changes - This course too heart wrenching
I am drowning in deep sorrow - Without retention
What can I say - This brings life to deep questions
Flashes of memories passed - Is a new smile a suggestion?
I am broken - I am lost  - Better get yourself together
How long will this take - No one predicts the weather
Frozen in time - I grieve in private
Stuck in fine line - Disturbed by my silence
To turn tears to words - I’ve been your part since birth
Now you’re gone - The part of you left on this Earth
Everything has changed - Something I must accept
I’ve walked from hurt so much - This I cannot reject
I see so much around - The sky is blue
Winds blow - sun shines - All I see is you
It’s perfect outside - There’s just one thing
The wind is blowing so hard - I can’t hear the birds sing
Mournful nostalgia - Still lingers of your death
I walk - I breathe - This right now is my best
I know in my heart - You’re in a better place
Yet cannot live a new chapter - I still see your face
I drove by your place thinking - Today I get to see you
But those todays have ran out - This today does not feel good
As recollective music streams - Lyrics try hard to explain
The sadness & loss of something - This passing is too much pain
Slowly walking through life - This all weighs so much
I miss you abuelita - I miss your endearing touch
How much can I handle?  - I’ll take things I can grasp
I’ll take good care of your dog - I’ll hold close your laugh
I’ll preserve your strength - I miss your sweet smile
I’m forever thankful - I’m blessed to be your grandchild
Honored & humbled - I won’t forget what you’ve taught
Laugh, be kind and strong - This cannot be bought
Sacrifice - Not a word anymore, but a superhero
Worn in breastplate of pride - Engraved, Grandma Superior

Racquel Cruz, Author 
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Moore Salvation