Virtual 🌎

I walked into my virtual 🌎 today
To form another beautiful planet
Yet wondering in reality questions
Am I taking all I have real, for granted?
I see, smell and touch more of my virtual
I gaze deep in what it could be
Placed in all the planets aligned
Afraid this is just another to seed
As my head moves back & forth in motion
I peek in and out to regret
This is a place I long to be in
I will soon fight hard to forget
Curves of land - Smells not forgotten
Reciprocated whispers unimagined
How could color & beauty at first sight
Turn into a place so uninhabited
As my reality builds of daily dust
I dutifully attempt to strengthen & clean
Everything I fight to be in love with
Particles blowing from my dreams
And it is more than I've had yesterday
My gratitude is what keeps me trying
Saddened, this planet in virtual 🌎
Will never understand my reality crying

Moore Salvation

Who's knocking on your door?  Jesus? What's knocking on your door? Grevious? How deep do we have to dig your heart To pull the victims souls from the dark Doesn't confession at this political point Expose sins this man never did annoint? In prideful filth he tauntingly walks As Jesus and arrogance he talks Are unconfessed sins part an illusion To be example of spirtual confusion? He moves quickly about in foolishness His Earthly damange smells of piss Do you deceive your thoughts in muse These victims in Democratic excuse So hard to kill this growing cancer This man wears sins without answers Supported by tyranny of unwavering believers As I in sin smell the stench of this deceiver Chips tossed of trickery now seem so grand Cards of religion played with devil's hands Blasphemy, he masters words of gibberish Feeding the offering plate of oblivious Chosen to entertain this great nation The need to cleanse of Moore salvation

Racquel Cruz, Author  Someone Stole My Funny   …

Lights That Shine Hope: GoFundMe

Light a way 
Lights of glory 
Lights of love  
Lights of stories 
Let us sing 
Let us praise 
Let loves shine 
Shine dark days 
Think of safety 
Think of children 
Think of sick 
The old in buildings 
Give in small 
Give in plenty 
Give together 
Give in many 
Struggle afar 
Struggle together 
Struggle good days 
Struggle bad weather 
Share with hope
Share with love 
Share a way
For God above

Gun Podium

Mr. Man I can do everything by myself While miniature America sits on Putin's palace shelf Horse Pence wears blinkers designed of fraud A gun podium of golden bullets made for his Trump god Turning living words of water into petroleum Money Plates-Hymns of perversion, as you are -- come In VVS Trump incites America's moral clarity P*ssy grabber, fraud in chief in years of seventy Baffled how (false) Christian leaders can for him fall Did they not read the words of the Bible at all? Let me recite, as a sinner, some words Made to be the seed of humanity on this Earth Love is kind - Love is patient - Love is pure Love shows sacrifice sometimes made to endure Love is not quick to anger - Love is patient Love is not only for the white OR is racist It is more blessed to give than to receive But, none of these words count if you're DT And his church is called Par of Maralargo A hole in One? - Hey! Where'd his sins go?  A blind man in a room, encaved by mountains can see Trum…

The Awakening of Anthony Scare-A-Smoochie

Racquel Cruz, Author
 Someone Stole My Funny  Sticky Things

Strangeness In the WH - Lies Beneath The Starry Nights

Racquel Cruz, Author  Someone Stole My Funny   Sticky Things

Built 4th Tough. Disgruntled Boys With Their Toys!

Racquel Cruz, Author  Someone Stole My Funny  Sticky Things