Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Breasts of Beer

Monday through Saturday I must confess
My breasts are not spilled of beer
But Sundays are much different you see
For it is a day of cheer
When football and fun are mixed together
It is not my fault
By the end of the day, my shirt stains of shots
And alcohol I’ve bought
I wear white shirts for all to see
My head lights on this day
There are just some rules and standards
Girls like me must obey
Drink as much beer as you can
Hang with all the friends you trust
If beer spills all over your shirt
Do not make a fuss
For beer was made for breasts
Flowing down a shirt in slow motion
If it makes your nipples hard
Do not cause a commotion
Slowly excuse yourself to the restroom
With your drunkenness and stagger
Go directly to the bar
And get lots of shots of Jager
Hopefully by the fourth shot
You will totally become incoherent
Making you a perfect candidate
For the football spirit
Then go back to your designated seat
If you remember where it is
Tell all the friends around you
You just went to take a wizz
Then bounce those babies up and down
Act as clueless as you want
For breasts of beer on Sunday
Are meant for you to flaunt

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~


  1. hahaha..ds s funny..does ds apply 2 men 2??..
    post more rocky, m njoying ur pieces:)

  2. this is real hahaha, we love beers and then spill it to our breasts hehee

    Zero Dramas


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