Monday, June 28, 2010

Progesterone and Poker

Dicey calls - big players - they fell one by one
Before they saw it coming she was all done
Full house - small straight - the cards flew so fast
Knocked arrogant players right off their ass
Progesterone and Poker - the mix to blame
She played many hands - won all the games
With hormone levels shooting strong as an ox
She had no mercy and was sly like a fox
Bluffing - swearing - full of estrogen
As most hands folded she called "All In"
I sat back and watched this strategy
She took a deep breath then counted to three
Poked her ass straight full of progesterone
Then exhaled in relief with a little moan
I saw what she did - knew her secrets
She almost Op'ed during one of the bets
Panting - foaming - bouncing off walls
She had most poker players by the balls
And I stayed and laughed at all those suckers
They all beat me anyway - damn mother %*#%@^

Racquel, Founder Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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