Friday, October 5, 2012

To Know You In Me

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 Tears fill halfway in my eyes
As if my soul has abandoned ship
It has not drowned out
Nor has one dropped dripped
It has settled in it's place
Silence it has found
Something deep inside of me
Something that is profound
It is all I have wished for
To fulfill dreams of my heart
I have looked to your eyes
From the very start
As I stand here in awe
I stand here in bliss
I have loved you all along
It is you I've missed
You have sacrificed every penny
To achieve my heart's desires
When things become scrambled
You put out every fire
You push me every morning
To do my very best
You have helped me to be strong
You have been through every test
And what more do I ask for
It cannot be anyone else
You are my only title
Of many books on a shelf
Many times I've wandered
In places not so kind
To know you in me
Is only what I find
It is not in conceit
Nor is it in glory
I am lucky to have you
Lucky to have my story
If only I can take these words
Beyond this very moment
Follow it - Be it - Love it
Show the world I own it
For it is at this very time
Everything feels right
Until I turn from this mirror
And shut off the lights

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~


  1. Everything feels so right when we know our LOVE in very blood flooding our veins!!


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