Friday, November 30, 2012

Dance Naked In the Rain

This morning I woke up
Darkness has filled my mind
I am covered in dirty clothes
I've been wearing for a long time
I've heard I was once pure and clean
I cannot imagine that was so
These layers of hardship cover me
I try hard to let them go
I've been to the alter in my past
That has never changed a thing
The closest I have come to glory
Is watching the church choir sing
I wonder inside of my purpose
As I talk to God everyday
I thought it was a big reason
When I once was a child in play
Materials made half of pure guilt
The other in half of naive
The colors made of red and green
From skin underneath that bleeds
I work positive to my left
I seek chance to my right
Yesterday I told myself
I cannot give up this fight
But today more dark clouds cover me
As I wake myself with a smile
The road I seek in front of me
Is far ahead in many miles
There is nothing further I can do
I work hard not to break my spirit
Then music knocks hard on my windows
Can anyone else hear it?
They are drops falling to the ground
Playing rhythms in the sun
Inviting me to join them
To the beat of their drums
Clothes weigh heavier upon me
As dots of liquid fall in it's place
I walk closer to this invitation
With happiness upon on my face
For I feel something different
A very positive sensation
I experience not only with myself
I am to shout it to all the nations
The answers are in pure waters
Close your eyes - Take a deep breath
Seek yourself in it's revelation
It is all that you have left
There is nothing else you can be
Clothes cover years of shame
Naked we were all born
Leave the cleansing to the rain
Our souls have been delegated
There are no words you can say
Take off things that burden you
Live free in purity today
Let the waters clean infections
That have broken your skin in years
Find courage to keep dancing them off
Though they will hurt in pain and tears
For after the rain has stopped
Your composition will fall to Earth
Feeding flowers that bloom in beauty
Celebrating your day of birth
And more roads will reveal itself
You'll find joy in life again
If you give it another day
You'll dance to the very end

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~



  2. here for the 1st time great blog..! :) and congratulations it feels really awsum when your hard work pays off.! :) From Creative People


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