Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mother Earth

I had a vision
Mother Earth was crying
For the streams that ran from her

She sat in stillness
There's no denying
Scared of isolation and somber

Somewhere inside
She felt she would dry
If these waters did not slow down

They ran so rapid
Never saying goodbye
And would often make her frown

Then one day awoke
The sun still shining
To ease her being in reason

What once clung to her
Each stream pining
Of past, now has it's season

These bodies of water
Move from her with haste
Once held of prime memories

They flow with desire
They flow with grace
Of false love and apologies

As new life is constant
Rushing to her hands
She no longer wishes to ask why

At night she reads
The stars she understands
In words falling from the sky

Tho deep inside
Wanting what once was
Something to her so familiar

She looks around
She finds her cause
In other parts that are peculiar

Fresh waters await
Surrounded by trees
Forming her places she's never been

Birds chant in song
Of more wondrous dreams
As this Earth breaths in her new winds

Her tears no longer
Fall of sadness
As parts of her separate

She marvels in joy
Lets go in gladness
As parts of her must break

For now she knows
All she holds in stories
As souls roam upon her land

Speaking of her beauty
Triumphs and glories
And why heights of her are so grand

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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