Monday, December 17, 2012

In Honor of Sandy Hook Elementary (12/14/2012)

My heart pains this holiday season
Of tragedy that should not have taken place
A distance away from where I am at
Families I wish I could embrace
I hear music and see lights twinkle
The winds are brisk and cold
Confirming holiday's invitation
Of love, gifts and joys be told
It is in this very atmosphere
That orchestrates memories
Photos of many loved ones
Gathered under Christmas trees
And in my mind I cannot erase
What some people cannot perceive
Empty spots where gifts were to lay
Under some of those same trees
The excited voice of a child
Expressing sounds throughout a house
Opening gifts wrapped in pretty bows
Consumed with overwhelming shouts
As I try to celebrate this time
And continue this season on
It is hard to defeat this feeling
When I hear these holiday songs
All I can do is write and honor
Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary
The world emits brighter light this year
In hopes that you all will see
We will sing songs of joy louder
To reach you in high heavens above
We promise to embrace your families here
With all our strength and love
We will come together and always remember
When stars shine in their space
They radiate souls and smiles
Made by your beautiful face

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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