Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I think about my time that's gone by
My heart fills with nostalgia and sadness
For your time sacrificed for us
Was used to fill our hearts with gladness
Now you lay here small, frail and unspoken
As oldness is the stage that consumes you
I look to your innocent face and smile
And ask myself what would you do?
Without a doubt or a single fight
You would be all you have left
Love, hope, joke and sing
Give until your last breath
But me, I'm broken and unsure
I jump off the wheel of the rat race
Thoughts of using this time for me
Don't matter when I see your face
So I keep reaching more to see you
To look at your loving eyes
Nothing means more to me
I really can't explain why
The thought of losing time
Is as small as a grain of sand
In this world that takes around me
I am content holding your hand
It's my only way to thank you
My only way to make you see
I cannot make any promises
Only show what you mean to me
For mistakes with you haunt me
Though intentions inside were good
The things I could relief you from
If I worked hard for them, I could
But time is a master of thievery
Deception and disguise
Changing intentions to mud
A stick to poke me deep inside
Thoughts I cannot piece together
Are me in human form, complex
Emotions, dreams, mistakes in life
So much to you I want to express
Then something inside reminds me
I have a grandmother who is the coolest
Strong-willed and determined
A person who lives life to her fullest
She would tell me to stop reflecting
My actions will carry me on
Stop asking what, where and why
She would tell me to just be strong
So I'm listening to this heart of mine
Given to me by grandmother
A person who I admire the most
More than any other


Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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  1. Thats so Beauthiful, Racquel.. Your words always Bring tears to my eyes. So profound..
    Love u..BFF


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