Friday, January 17, 2014

Only A Mother...

 There is one person who understands
Who has held tiny bodies in their hands
Nurturing the smallest of their aches
Dying inside of the smallest heartbreak
In this world where people fight for their hearts
For they strive to understand their part
And what each passing day means to them
Blind, we exalt strongest women and men
And others are still a seed to the womb
In purpose they try to still resume
Lost, the world judges from a distance
Frowning upon their existence
Broken, they scrabble in places to run
While age breaks them under the sun
Until they cannot run no more
They realize open always is a door
To their mothers they can find peace
Years of heartache they can release
For our maker created the strongest of roles
Sheltering their children young and old
See, a mother studies their babies indeed
They heal and cover wounds that bleed
A child could never fool their mother
Words they may speak - Tone and body another
For their movements and eyes do not change
Neither their voices - A mother hears pain
They've heard their cries enough to know
When they hurt, even when they're grown
This is why love is unconditional
Even when a child does the unthinkable
This is all, but a small portion God has shown
Of his love and what it feels to be at home
This is why he asks we do not look down
Upon others who to themselves are bound
For we do not know their stories
Pains, cries, triumphs and glories
Only a mother put upon this Earth
Experience souls inside them, til birth
Someone children can always turn to
Teach them what goodness and love can do
To understand those who've never experienced
True love of a mother in their innocence
And pray for them each and everyday
To seek only love if they've lost their way

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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