Friday, March 28, 2014

Pure Liquids In Life (My Child Inside)

Suddenly I am nearer
In seeing my childhood clearer
God has blessed this moment and time
To seek what I was to find
My child inside with big dreams
Pushed back by two fierce streams
Surrounding me on either side
I didn't have a place to hide
Constantly swimming to my goals
I now see strength in me unfold
Yet sadness still lingers from my eyes
Of all the lost years that have gone by
Will I still have time for a glimpse of sun
While there is still one stream to overcome?
Its dark currents still passes me by
No longer for its pain do I cry
To purify its waters at the least
It is dark and angry - It is a beast
Reminding me of what it has gone through
Pain,suffering, sadness and abuse
My face stuck in constant perplex
Is water really made to infect?
For my vision of it is pure
To wash away pain one has endured
Stuck in depths that are colder in night
Opposite direction of current I fight
I look up and ask for some direction
I was victim of sins most potent injections
A small, sweet and vulnerable child
Hiding pain behind my smiles
I didn't know much anything else
Constantly seeking out for help
Young years swept away in the torrent
In constant fear that I have spent
Threats of why I need to change
Twisted purity used in God's name
Judgement, fear and lack of compassion
This angry water will not stop its actions
So I look for something to pull me out
To seek myself in which I always doubt
Love the inner child - Cry for its pain
Seek pure waters from falling rain
Push, strive and try to become better
Without the fear of stormy weather
Heal inside - Learn to embrace
Pure liquids of life in which to taste

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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