Monday, September 28, 2015

Lost Secrets

You whisper in isolation to running waters
Yet to my heart you have not bothered
Lost secrets they drift from yesterday
They travel through the sun and rain
Strangely to the place of my peace
Absent to everything that I keep
Carelessly from the coffee cup I do sip
A touch of those secrets flow through my lips
Guided by Earth of currents they do run
As you abundantly have about your way and fun
And I sit and ponder this once senseless time
Of air I tried to grab and nothing I tried to find
With the moon as my friend I trance in it's light
How can I  accompany sorrow tonight?
In what invitation have I sent to be seen?
In what place has it ever lifted my dreams?
In what place has it offered me strength?
Will for me it go through lengths?
As I take a half sip, my face filled with spite
I will drink to all of your lost secrets tonight
They madly heal my scars and pains inconceivable
Foolishness, ignorance - some things unbelievable
And my stories I will keep safely as my own
So they do not turn cold and as you, like stone
I will sort my pain to peace for my own muse
Or resurface for a night in arrogance or excuse 

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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