Saturday, November 21, 2015


As I sit and think of emotions gone strong
Of all the things that you have wronged
I scurry through social media of influence
In my mind to make this all MY OWN sense
Of what I would say if you were in our land
Full of spacious skies - beauty she stands
Then I think to myself, this is the very reason
We follow love and embrace change of seasons
See, WE HAVE THE FREEDOM to challenge our minds
Our friends will still love us and be kind
For their influence truly comes from above
Of what OUR God symbolizes called --- love
And love is no doubt much stronger than hate
We value life and family --- We are great!!
Our God does not tell us to kill those who doubt
Though in FREEDOM, we're all still sorting this out
We live together and stay clear of YOUR actions
To execute those who don't commit to your satisfaction
Yes, in our years there have been quite a few
Who twist thoughts of OUR God and what he would do
But if you really think about it we'd all be gone
In just being human - We are all wrong
Full of sin, (obviously) hate and imperfection
He could rid THIS cause of Earth's infection
And this is the difference you must face
See, OUR God is forgiveness and grace
He sent his son to follow his lead
Mourn and give to those in need
Offer life and love to saints and sinners
Welcome them in your home to sit at dinner
This is only a small part of what he has taught
This is the real truth that must be sought
And ---- Don't get us wrong, we do believe in what's right
Don't think for one second we sleep with eyes closed at night
And no matter our powers who sit and ponder in politics
If they try to take our guns - We will fight with sticks
To protect our family and freedom - We'd sigh our last breath
Challenge the master of blades and death
Bleed for the freedom of hope and fellow man
With our chest of amour we will stand
We will teach our children do not cry to a death
Even if they see blades move upon our necks
For death is a clear sheet and crossing of life
We will still be present when they pray at night
At the right side of God we'll watch America The Great
Where she offers you love or the wrath of her fate

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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