Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dual Thoughts - Mourning You

I passed your street this morning - It’s ghostly
I am empty inside - I love you mostly
Life has its changes - This course too heart wrenching
I am drowning in deep sorrow - Without retention
What can I say - This brings life to deep questions
Flashes of memories passed - Is a new smile a suggestion?
I am broken - I am lost  - Better get yourself together
How long will this take - No one predicts the weather
Frozen in time - I grieve in private
Stuck in fine line - Disturbed by my silence
To turn tears to words - I’ve been your part since birth
Now you’re gone - The part of you left on this Earth
Everything has changed - Something I must accept
I’ve walked from hurt so much - This I cannot reject
I see so much around - The sky is blue
Winds blow - sun shines - All I see is you
It’s perfect outside - There’s just one thing
The wind is blowing so hard - I can’t hear the birds sing
Mournful nostalgia - Still lingers of your death
I walk - I breathe - This right now is my best
I know in my heart - You’re in a better place
Yet cannot live a new chapter - I still see your face
I drove by your place thinking - Today I get to see you
But those todays have ran out - This today does not feel good
As recollective music streams - Lyrics try hard to explain
The sadness & loss of something - This passing is too much pain
Slowly walking through life - This all weighs so much
I miss you abuelita - I miss your endearing touch
How much can I handle?  - I’ll take things I can grasp
I’ll take good care of your dog - I’ll hold close your laugh
I’ll preserve your strength - I miss your sweet smile
I’m forever thankful - I’m blessed to be your grandchild
Honored & humbled - I won’t forget what you’ve taught
Laugh, be kind and strong - This cannot be bought
Sacrifice - Not a word anymore, but a superhero
Worn in breastplate of pride - Engraved, Grandma Superior

Racquel Cruz, Author 
Someone Stole My Funny
 Sticky Things 


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