Virtual 🌎

I walked into my virtual 🌎 today
To form another beautiful planet
Yet wondering in reality questions
Am I taking all I have real, for granted?
I see, smell and touch more of my virtual
I gaze deep in what it could be
Placed in all the planets aligned
Afraid this is just another to seed
As my head moves back & forth in motion
I peek in and out to regret
This is a place I long to be in
I will soon fight hard to forget
Curves of land - Smells not forgotten
Reciprocated whispers unimagined
How could color & beauty at first sight
Turn into a place so uninhabited
As my reality builds of daily dust
I dutifully attempt to strengthen & clean
Everything I fight to be in love with
Particles blowing from my dreams
And it is more than I've had yesterday
My gratitude is what keeps me trying
Saddened, this planet in virtual 🌎
Will never understand my reality crying


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